Selection for the joint specialization of MSU and Foundation started
From May 17 to 27, a qualifying stage for a new joint specialization of the Vega Institute Foundation and the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics “Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Finance” will be held.

The written part of the qualifying round will take place on May 23 at 18:30 (room 12-24).

The selection process will be implemented as an accumulative system of points for a fixed number of activities, taking into account the results obtained for the written part of the qualifying stage. The counted activities are as follows:

  • participation in the cycle of master classes for the 2nd course of MechMaths,
  • passed Pro-Seminar for the 2nd course of Mechmaths,
  • sprint tasks in the telegram channel of the specialization,
  • passed courses conducted for a joint training group with Yandex.
Applicants will have the opportunity to be enrolled out of the general competition based on the following results obtained by them:

  • The student passed the exam on the course “Brownian motion, stochastic calculus in finance” with an “excellent” mark (Seminar for the 2nd year);
  • The student passed “excellent” in all exams in the courses offered in the autumn and spring semesters by a joint study group with Yandex;
  • The student received 100 points for the written part of the qualifying round.

For more information about the structure of the written part of the qualifying stage, points for activities and answers to frequently asked questions, see the specialization website.

Questions about specialization and the selection process can be asked in the telegram channel of specialization.

Register for the exam on May 23, 18:30.

Good luck!